:SLOVENIA: The busiest motorway section between Vrhnika and Brezovica

Last year, the busiest motorway section with freight traffic was Ravbarkomanda (6.1 million goods vehicles) and with passenger traffic Drenov Grič (19 million passenger vehicles). The Lendava counter recorded the smallest difference between the shares of passenger (58%) and goods (42%) traffic.

On the busiest motorway section, the selected counter counted 25 million vehicles

According to data from the Slovenian Infrastructure Agency (DRSI) there were 943 traffic counting stations on all road sections in Slovenia in 2021. Of these, 871 had automatic traffic counters installed, and 706 automatic traffic counters were able to distinguish between ten categories of vehicles and measure the volume of passenger and goods traffic in one or both directions.

For presenting the load on the motorway section, automatic traffic counters that count traffic in both directions and distinguish between different categories of vehicles were selected.

Among the selected counters, the motorway section with the Drenov Grič counter was the busiest in 2022. The counter is located between Vrhnika and Brezovica and counted almost 25 million vehicles, of which 19 million were passenger vehicles. The Ravbarkomanda counter, which is located on the motorway section between Koper and Postojna, counted the most goods traffic (6.1 million vehicles).

On the least congested road section, the selected counter counted 4 million vehicles

Not all motorway sections are equally loaded with traffic. Of the ones selected, the counter with the least load was Gruškovec, which is located on the motorway section from the direction of Maribor towards the Croatian border. It recorded 4 million vehicles, of which 77% were passenger vehicles. At the same time, this motorway section was also the least loaded with goods traffic, with 900,000 goods vehicles.

The Lendava counter was the least loaded with passenger vehicles, it counted 2.5 million (total of all vehicles was 4.2 million). Passenger and goods vehicle traffic were the most balanced on this motorway section; 58% was passenger and 42% goods traffic.

The difference between passenger and goods traffic was the largest at the counters Šmarje – Sap (located on the motorway section between Ljubljana and Grosuplje) and Naklo (located on the motorway section between Kranj and Jesenice), where passenger vehicles represented 85% of all traffic.

The highest number of passenger vehicles per day in August

The average number of counted passenger vehicles per day for all selected traffic counters was the highest in August, and the lowest in the first two months of the year. The highest daily average was detected by the Drenov Grič counter in August with 71,000 vehicles, and the lowest by the Gruškovje counter in March with 4,000 vehicles.

Holidays have a big impact on traffic flows. Motorway sections are heaviest with passenger traffic in August on the feast of the Assumption of Mary, which is a public holiday in Slovenia and neighbouring countries. On this day last year, the Drenov Grič counter counted the most passenger vehicles (75,000), which was 5% more than the daily average for this section this month. On the feast of the Assumption of Mary last year, the counter of Zamarkova, which is located on the motorway section from Maribor to Murska Sobota, counted the fewest vehicles (9,000). Based on the daily average, which amounted to 12,000 vehicles for this counter last August, there was a quarter less traffic on this holiday.

As regards the burden, Assumption is followed by the feast of the Ascension, which is a movable feast and follows 40 days after Easter. Passenger traffic was the lightest during the New Year holidays.

The highest number of goods vehicles per day in June

The highest average of goods vehicles per day was recorded by the Ravbarkomanda counter in June with 20,000 vehicles, and the lowest by the Gruškovje counter in January with 2,000 vehicles. Other counters also recorded the highest average in June and the lowest in January.

The highest daily average of goods vehicles was on Statehood Day. The Ravbarkomanda counter counted the most vehicles on this holiday (13,000) and the Čatež counter, which is located near Brežice, the fewest vehicles (2,000).

Although on Sundays, national holidays and other work-free days there are traffic restrictions for goods vehicles that exceed the maximum permissible weight of 7All automatic traffic counters that count in both driving directions are included in the observation. There are a little more than 170 counters located on Slovenian motorways, and 21 of them were selected for this survey. They were chosen based on the volume of traffic, counter type and region or section of the motorway. The selection comprises traffic counters that distinguish between categories of vehicles and are located on different sections of the motorway network in Slovenia..5 tonnes, there are also exceptions (perishable goods, etc.).