AUSTRIA: Top baby names in 2022: Emma and Maximilian

Emma and Maximilian topped the list of first names for newborns in 2022. This is shown by an analysis by Statistics Austria of the first names (in the original spelling, without special characters) of all 40 060 girls and 42 567 boys born that year. Parents chose the name Emma 659 times (1.6%) for girls and Maximilian 735 times (1.7%) for boys.

“Emma was the most popular name for girls in 2022 for the second time after 2019. Previous yearʼs winner Marie fell back to third place. Among boys, Paul, the most popular first name in 2021, also only came third. The top spot went to Maximilian for the fourth time after 2019, 2017 and 2011,” says Tobias Thomas, Director General of Statistic Austria.

Emma first reached number 10 on the list of most popular girlsʼ first names in 2010 and landed at number 1 in 2019. Maximilian has been in the top 10 since 2005 and in the top 3 since 2009 (except for number 4 in 2018).

Top places for Emma, Emilia and Marie as well as Maximilian, Felix and Paul

In the hit list of girlsʼ names in 2022, Emma is followed by Emilia in second place, the same popularity as in the previous year and in the top 10 since 2013. In third place – two places lower than in the two previous years – is Marie, which has appeared in the list of the ten most frequently given girlsʼ names since 2009. Rank 4 is occupied by Mia, who climbed two places compared to the previous year. In fifth place comes Anna, which thus slipped two places compared to 2021, has been in the top 10 since 1991 and has achieved top 3 places from 1996 until 2021 incl. (13 times at number 1). Rank 6 is taken by Sophia, a top climber, who was five places better compared to the previous year and has been in the top 10 since 2013. Laura and Valentina follow in seventh and eighth place, the same popularity as last year. Rank 9 is hold by Lena, who thus slipped four places compared to 2021. Johanna moved up to tenth place, three places higher than in 2021.

The hit list of boysʼ names in 2022 is continued after Maximilian in second place by Felix, who moved up four places compared with the previous year and has been in the top 10 almost continuously since 2007 (with the exception of 2010,2011 and 2015). Paul follows on rank 3, two places lower than in 2021 and always in the top 10 since 2012, including the top spot in 2018 and second place in 2017 and 2019. Jakob is in fourth place, two places lower than the previous year but consistently in the top 10 since 2010 with the exception of 2012. Rank 5 is occupied by Noah, who improved by another five places compared to 2021, when he reached the top 10 for the first time. Elias and David are ranked sixth and seventh respectively, two places lower than 2021. Jonas holds rank 8, one place better than in the previous year. Rank 9 is occupied by Leon, two places worse than in 2021. In tenth place is Lukas, a re-entrant in the top 10 after rank 11 in the previous year, but passing through the list of the ten most popular boysʼ names since 1992, including 15 times (from 1996 to 2010) at number 1.

In the hit list of first names, the first names in the original spelling without special characters are ranked (see table). In addition, the results of the first names for all first names that have occurred at least twice since 1984 are available in an interactive map, and in opendata broken down regionally to the level of the political districts. For detailed results and further information please refer to website. Hit list of most popular first names of newborns 2022

Rank – first nameFrequency
absolutein %% cumulative
girlsʼ name
1 – Emma6591,61,6
2 – Emilia6321,63,2
3 – Marie6251,64,8
4 – Mia5931,56,3
5 – Anna5891,57,7
6 – Sophia5491,49,1
7 – Laura5341,310,4
8 – Valentina5251,311,7
9 – Lena5181,313,0
10 – Johanna5021,314,3
boysʼ name
1 – Maximilian7351,71,7
2 – Felix7221,73,4
3 – Paul7081,75,1
4 – Jakob6931,66,7
5 – Noah6711,68,3
6 – Elias6661,69,9
7 – David6361,511,4
8 – Jonas6291,512,8
9 – Leon6161,414,3
10 – Lukas5871,415,7

STATISTICS AUSTRIA, Vital statistics

Information on methodology, definitions: The data on first names of newborns are based on reports of the registry offices of Austria on live births (“Notification of Birth”), which have been transmitted from the Central Civil Status Register since 1 November 2014. All first names of newborns whose mothers have their main residence in Austria at the time of birth are recorded. From 1984 to 2009, only the first names of babies with Austrian citizenship were collected. From 2010 onwards, the respective first names of all babies are included, irrespective of their nationality. For the hit list of first names, the first first names are used in their original spelling without special characters. In order to be able to merge homonymous first names with different special characters, they are normalised, i.e. transcoded back to simple ASCII characters.